When it is night,
And moon is dark
The stars shine bright,
Some times shooting across such sky,
Even amidst Kali Yuga era
But soon dawn is nigh
And with rising sun
All pale within a sea of light

Genesis, saraswati and shekhina say:
The written word, even in Vedas, Bible, Torah or Qu’ran,
Is not the Tao, nor holy Way,
So hear these sacred sounds, spoken or sung to day.

Shema Is ra El,
Adonai elohainu adonai ahad.

Hear, all people chosen to be alive by that One source
The Beloved, that One in many names and forms, the Adored, is Unity.

A ba ra shith bara elohim shemayim weta eretz
(As be ginning rays sounded, Rama’s conch, that One in many,
created… heavens and earth)
Alpha and Omega are a singularity
Of energy and matter evolving,
As hidden mystery
De sir ing to be known, and loved.

Ab woon d’ba shemaya… aph b’arha
From One, be came two, and source of all of us, which arise in sacred sound spoken, in heaven’s light and love,
As it is above, so below, on earth.

Spirit, photons, mass elements, even dark matter.
An arc of descent, and ascent, ever spirals onwards
In infinite, diverse forms of universe

Bi sm’illah, ar rahman, ir rahim
Alif Lam Min, Ya Alim
Alhamdulllilah rabbil alamin
We all be gin in name, or sound,of that One
Who is compassion and love,
Like a mother’s womb, or an
Ab ra ham and Sa rah
Hagar and Keturah too
A source of many
Al humri
Hu man i fest be ings of one earth, and one spirit
Singing hymns and praise about
Ruh Allah Hu Ahad
That One’s breath, and hidden mystery of unity
And verily, bearing witness,
Bala shahidna
To the beloved master
Of all.
La il allah il allah hu
That One, who is none.

Shams of Tabriz,
Rumi remembers a Hafiz
We do not desire
Learning, dignity nor respect
Though we have known those
What we really want is
To feel, the light of a moon upon our face
And the warmth of a cheek
Next to mine.