Composed almost 20 years ago

I give thanks… for all… of life. ‘O agony and ecstasy… all praise One… true.

Rumi evoked ecstatically, as he turned in agony, with heart ache and loss of Shams:

Ishq allah mabud lilah – Ishq – divine passionate love, is a stranger to earth, and heaven too.
In ishq are lunacies, seventy and two.

A lover’s heart, sings and brims
With lunacies, seventy and two.
Our hearts, in nature, dear friends,
Are no strangers
To such hymns.
‘Tis why, Beloved,
We adore Hu.
O agony,
And ecstasy,
All praise,
That One

La illaha il allahu.

Allahu Abha,
Allah Hu.

Hu ana hu.