An evolutionary church, that seeks to evolve eros to open our hearts, and move beyond all ‘isms’ such as sexism, or sexual McCarthyism.

How do we open to healing our sexuality, in society, to let go of shame of selves, and others?

The YouTube explains more:

Similarly, Time Magazine reports in July 10-17 2017 current issue on the phenomenon of non consensual porn, and/or revenge porn. This is the ‘new scarlet letter’ of social media, prevalent because of ease of sexting, and gender conflicts which arise.

As the TM article states: “It’s easy to disseminate and nearly impossible to punish.”

My take: If we want to know what love, really is, and experience a holy, healthy life that includes sexuality, in authentic relationship with others….then:

We, as hu-man be-ings, need to evolve and heal the past traumas, of self and society, that keeps being projected on our selves, and others, so that the pattern of dysfunction perpetuates.

One solution: do unto others as you would have done to you.

Love is an answer.

Cease spreading gossip, cease disseminating sexism, and revenge porn. It’s not only non consensual nude images that harm, and like a STD virus infect via social media. It’s words that are half truths, written and spoken in anger, to harm one another.

That is sexual McCarthyism, or sexism, regardless of which gender is perpetuating it.

‘I want to know what love is. I need you (community) to show me.’