Come on, let’s dance.
We want to pull you tight.
Then spin and let you go.
Come on, let’s dance,
Let’s move as one,
And waltz across a floor.
We know the past,
How some like me,
Have harmed other hearts
We loved.
The dance is agony,
And playful ecstasy;
To our bodies, hearts and souls.
We don’t desire to dominate,
Again, in a spiral dance of life.
So if you choose,
To dance with us,
We’ll share a lead with you.
We need your help,
To make amends,
And set a balance right.
Atone for a moment bright.
Out beyond ideas,
Of night and day.
Come on, let’s dance
Or contact improv too.
The dance of this cosmos,
Plays passionately onwards
Towards that One.
Hafiz, a poet long ago,
Spoke some words of truth.
‘Allah knows only four words to say;
Come, dance with me’.
I say today.
Dance as if the goddess is alive, inside, and watching you. She is.
Inspired by a video recording of Alan Watts.

Alan Watts – Why Your Life Is Not A Journey

This video made me reassess everything.Sometimes you just have to surrender and dance with life, play with the universe.Credit Alan Watts and David Lindberg.

Posted by Kerwin Rae on Tuesday, September 27, 2016