A woman’s comfort…¬†like Fatima’s touch and song for ‘Ali, nourishes a man’s strength, our midnight fire; giving courage to engage in jihad with angels, jinn and nafs self. Khadijah’s embrace grants Mu hammad solace. Then praise and gratitude abound. Without… Shiva shifts, withdrawing rest less with doubt, and often petrifies to stone. Then Shakti sorrows, Lakshmi laments, Saraswati seeks, and Demeter grieves her daughters loss, as much of Gaia languishes in winter’s dark and dross. Until, with solstice, as Light begins to return from Night, spring rebirths. The fires of Beltane kindle a midnight sky, drawing a green man glance. And a Lady, our queen of May, leads us all, again, ecstatically, in a spiral dance.