(gender alchemy)

A Woman’s Comfort

A woman's comfort... like Fatima's touch and song for 'Ali, nourishes a man's strength, our midnight fire; giving courage to engage in jihad with angels, jinn and nafs self. Khadijah's embrace grants Mu hammad solace. Then praise and gratitude abound....

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Sexual McCarthyism

An evolutionary church, that seeks to evolve eros to open our hearts, and move beyond all 'isms' such as sexism, or sexual McCarthyism. How do we open to healing our sexuality, in society, to let go of shame of selves, and others? The YouTube explains...

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Come on, Let’s Dance

Come on, let's dance. We want to pull you tight. Then spin and let you go. Come on, let's dance, Let's move as one, And waltz across a floor. We know the past, How some like me, Have harmed other hearts We loved. The dance is agony, And playful ecstasy; To...

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