Brent an Ent blog on Maui morning:

I aspire to be an entigen for positive change.

Some times, ent I gens stimulate an inflammatory response that actually strengthens health via immunity. Sort of an energetic, creative immunization, if you grasp the metaphor…. On the other hand, ent I gens some times are perceived as pests, like trolls, and get swatted and pun ished like a blood sucking parasite such as a tick or mosquito, or many poly tic ians.

For example, some ‘friends’ have called me an ass hole for speaking inconvenient truth, on social media, to power full egos, like them selves.

One green response, when **it hits the fan, let it flow, and compost it.

Hu manure, like hu more, may be a good thing in moderation, with some sane science of hygiene and moderation. Such as the solution to pollution is dilution.

Water is life… and may all beings have pure water to live.

So, wash your self clean to purify. Or fill your cup, and drink it up.

One person’s poison, is another’s medicine, in appropriate potency and dose.

Ya Coffee! Ya Kahfi! O divine Remedy! O Coffea!

Legalize green chlorophyll based plant spirit medicine. It’s the green, wise, druid dude thing to do, and that transcends gender.

Ents know that life provides a cornucopia of food from the spiral dynamic of our earth, and sun, with the balance of sacred elements.

Brent an Ent takes a stand for truth at Idaho Capitol.
Some women say this is sexy. Others want me to disappear and be banished from Boise. Me… too… decides to speak truth, as best I can, even when inconvenient, and risk push back for beating a green hue drum to a different beat.